ACTIVITIES – Yoga and Pilates

yoga at the beach in Colonia

When you´re going to visit our place our main objective is that you feel good! In our grounds you will find a lot of places where you can just relax, simply watch nature, birds, your being without agenda,…  … but you can also participate in activities. Of course there is the half Olympic pool and the gym with various possibilities. What we also offer is personal training, yoga and … [Read more...]

OUR LAND – Joining the natural landscape by Juan Ellis

dama de noche, flower with a most captivating fragrance

I am so glad that our paisajista - our landscape designer - wrote the lines to come! I know he puts all his heart and dedication in his work which comes to him as a passion too! Wow I would like to be able to do something compared to his work! I adore it!!   But now enough of my intro! Let him talk to you! "Although I was not born in Uruguay, my father is from Montevideo and it was … [Read more...]

OUR LAND – How to make use of the landscape in the best way possible

plan of the landscape designer

When we first bought the property for our future hotel – escape we immediately felt that the landscape is something very special. It does not have a lot of width but an immense length. When walking the premises you step by step explore new things. You are surprised by the diversity of different angles, new points of view, differences in height.  So when we started thinking about our 9 hectares … [Read more...]

Designing the hotel with the architect

architect at work

Guess what I´m doing every day? Working with the architect, Anabella! This means sitting with her in her studio in front of the computer. She opens up AUTOCAD – a program veeeery alien to me before these sessions with her. I had NO idea what it was about, was able to figure out plans, yes, but: the finesses of all the little lines, angles, colors which have meanings and are not chosen at … [Read more...]

Forming of the project – from idea to a real-life project

landscape of the premises with plan of the landscape designer

As I said earlier we immediately knew that this was "the place", the place to make all our ideas come true. It is one thing to have many ideas, it is far more difficult to bring them down to a project in which other people can make your dream come true. We wanted to create something special. A place which invites you to stay and feel cosy. We were lucky, we found a young abitious arquitect in … [Read more...]

The very beginning – finding the place

Maria and Petra at Sunset

When I first told my friends I was going to Uruguay they asked me if I ever was in this country in Africa (!) before. Maria and I went in May 2009. We had 10 days to find something special, a place which would convince us to start a project we wanted to do: a place where calm becomes an art! We saw many places, very nice farms, vast lands, beautiful landscapes, coastlines, country club … [Read more...]