News from my “cedula”, my permanent residency or: public opening hours

provincial government building in Colonia del Sacramento

Coming from Vienna, a relatively big city, it needed some time to get used to lunch break in shops and offices. When it comes to banks they only open for customers in the afternoon (mostly for 4 hours only!). Given the difficulty of transferring money from one bank to another you queue up in one bank (they let you draw numbers to get to your turn) take the bills and bring them to the other … [Read more...]

Indare – a relic of times long gone

industrial plant indare

Have you ever heard about Indare?? Sure you have not. But did you know that most of Buenos Aires was built on the sand and stones from there? This place lying in the estuary of the river Rosario accommodated in its times 700 worker who lived there with their families. My neighbor for example worked there for almost 40 year, was married and lived there. When you visit this place today you … [Read more...]

Happy mother´s day

natural flower bouquet of hibiscus

I have been  living here in this beautiful country for quite some time. I have wonderful neighbors. Whenever there is a problem, I can ask them. They immediately come and fix it or tell me how I can find a solution who could possibly help,…. So there is a lot of giving on their behalf and a lot of receiving on mine,… As I am Austrian and proud of my heritage I love to make pastries, cakes, … [Read more...]


various butterflies on the beach

Zurzeit haben wir laut Kalender Herbst. Dieser zeichnet sich wie schon früher erwähnt dadurch aus, dass alles nach der Sommerpause wieder zu sprießen beginnt. Dazu gehört auch, dass es wieder eine Unzahl an Schmetterlingen gibt, die die gesamte Landschaft noch malerischer machen! Höchst erfreulich sag ich Euch!  Nur: heute fuhr ich von Montevideo nach Hause und auf der Autobahn konnte ich … [Read more...]

Calle Frau Vogel

street sign nueva helvecia uruguay frau vogel

Waren Sie schon einmal in einem fremden Land, in dem man nicht ihre Muttersprache spricht, in dem eine Straße in derselbigen Sprache beschildert ist? So passiert hier in Uruguay, in dem kleinen Städtchen "Nueva Helvecia". Nichtsahnend schlendere ich durch die Straßen, lese die Straßenschilder mit schweizerischen Eigennamen wie Guillermo Tell und komme auf einmal in die Straße "Frau … [Read more...]

MINUANO What it is about

Guess what? The other day I came across a titel in an album of the Pat Metheny Group called Minuano. I could not believe my eyes! The same name as our "pueblito" in which our hotel is going to be! Looking deeper into the matter I found out - thanks to our saviour Wikipedia - that at the same time it also" is a cold wind that blows in the South of Brazil and in Uruguay. It is widely mentioned in … [Read more...]