The very beginning – finding the place

Maria and Petra at Sunset

Maria and Petra (from left)

When I first told my friends I was going to Uruguay they asked me if I ever was in this country in Africa (!) before.

Maria and I went in May 2009. We had 10 days to find something special, a place which would convince us to start a project we wanted to do: a place where calm becomes an art!

We saw many places, very nice farms, vast lands, beautiful landscapes, coastlines, country club houses, shabby houses, even a house with a Spanish chapel in the courtyard.

On “the” day we also saw a lot of places, one of which a “nearly finished hotel” which in reality was a youth hostel in a place we did not feel too good about. We already were exhausted, tired, wanted to get done with, head home and call it a day. Lalo insisted we should see one more place, just on our way back home, it should be worth it,… finally we gave in and went there.

the nucleus of the future Tordesillas Refugio Hotel

We arrived, became very calm, looked around and at each other and immediately knew: this is “the place”, this is it, the Mecca we were looking for, the real thing!

We found the perfect place to stay and forget about the rest of the world!

Our vision became real! A dream coming true!


  1. Petra.- Hast es eben sooo … schön dokumentiert. DANKE!
    Der Sonnenuntergang war einfach spektakulär..!
    Und -at the very end- dachten wir “YES, WE CAN”